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Things to Consider Before Buying Land

Buying land and building a home is an exciting proposition. The idea of handpicking the setting for your dream home is a special one indeed. If your plans include buying and building, here are some recommendations to keep in mind as you search for that perfect piece of land.

First, look to see if the property has had a perk test done. Before building, the county is required to evaluate the soil at the site and determine how many bedrooms the land “perks” for. Then, make sure the permeability of the lot matches your planned number of bedrooms or can be adapted to do so.

If a perk test hasn’t yet been done, be sure to request one as part of your offer to purchase, and make the offer contingent on the property perking for the number of bedrooms you need.

Also, the key to the perk test is the site plan for your home. Typically, a sketch of the footprint of your house is included when submitting an application for the perk test. If you’ve already chosen a builder, s/he can be instrumental in this process as well. If your acreage is sufficient and you have flexibility in where you locate your home on the land, your builder can guide you as to the optimum placement of the home for privacy, for passive solar features, or other features that are important to you. Two other factors should be considered before you make an offer: noise and future development.

If you‘re concerned about traffic patterns, visit the property at different times of the day. Go during rush hour and on the weekends to gauge noise levels.

Building a home is an exciting, and always fulfilling experience.