What is a Custom Home?

Sounds basic but three are many option when choosing custom home building.
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A custom home is when you have the chance tohave your own unique living space. If you are looking for your own experience of having a custom home in Central Virginia, Ken Broadwater Constructions is the wya to go and we can help you. These are the reasons you should think about your own custom home.
what are custom homes

Wherever You Would Like

You can choose the area you would like to live in. In other words, you are allowed to pick the location you want. This could be a family’s property or even a lot that you have already set your mind on. We can make it happen.

The Land

Even if you are not sure how to acquire the property where you are looking for, we can help you. We can even help and put together a package and assist you with the purchase of the land you want for your new home.

Your Own Layout

This is where the true luxury comes into play. You have options on the size of your kitchen, patio, den and the list goes on. Helping you modify plans for everything that you are looking for is our goal, make your dream home a reality.


Once a budget is established, we build around that. We even can give suggestions that can make what you want fit to your budget. No cutting corners, just to make it ready for expansion. Your new home will be a reflection of your own style.

What do I get with Ken Broadwater Homes?

Everything you need to move in. All connections are made and there in nothing else to worry about. Electrical, sanitation, water and even the pathway to your door in all in place when we are completed with your dream home.

With over 35 years experience in Richmond home building, you can be rest assured that you will have the home of your dreams. We work with you from beginning to end. From plan selection to color design until the last ornament is in place. We take pride in providing homes that are more than just a place to stay, it is a place you want to come home to everyday.

Broadwater Homes, LLC, is fully class A licensed and insured in Virginia. All of the contractors we employ are fully licensed and insured. We build all of our homes as if they were for us. We believe in a total home concept. When it comes to Richmond home building, we have the knowledge and experience like no other. Call or contact and let us start helping you build your dream home.