Choosing the Right Builder for Your New Home

Choosing the right builder for your new home is important so the whole project goes smoothly.
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Choosing the Right Builder for Your New Home

Choosing the Right Builder for Your New Home

Building a custom home is a big decision and now that you have decided on building compared to buying, how do you find the right builder? There are several things to take into consideration.


Ask for any accreditation. Are they legal home builders or just sub-contractors piecing together other crews. Ken Broadwater Homes has been a Class A building contractor since 1985.


Find out about their insurances. Ask them about if the workers and materials are covered. Because everything is being done on your property, you may be liable for any accidents that might happen during construction.

First Few

After finding a few candidates, ask them for a face-to-face interview. This will let you talk to them and see how good their communication skills are. This is especially important because you are intrusting them with your investment.

Find out what is Turned in when Completed

Some builders will cut corners during a project or make it sound vague when signing a contract. At Ken Broadwater Homes we leave nothing out. It is ready to move in a soon as we are completed. Water, electric, waste and even the driveway is installed to turn over a fully complete home to you.

How Flexible are they?

After all, it is a custom home and would like it they way you want it. Most custom homes have plans that are preapproved and your contractor will know what he is allowed to make modifications to. There is a chance the costs can increase, but it is cheaper to do it while they are building instead of later after the project has been completed.

Ken Broadwater Homes, LLC, is fully class A licensed and insured in Virginia. All of the contractors we employ are fully licensed and insured. We build all of our homes as if they were for us. We believe in a total home concept. When it comes to Richmond home building, we have knowledge and experience like no other. Call or contact and let us start helping you build your dream home.