Finding the Right Custom Home Builder

Finding the right custom home builder is a big decision. With the right info, you can be informed.
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A home is undoubtedly the largest investment that you will make. You will definitely want to find the right custom home builder for your new home. There are a lot of decisions to be made and we can help you make the right decisions.
what are custom homes


Almost anyone can be a home builder. It takes experience to craft a quality custom-built home. The quality of the workmanship will show along with the efficiency. Ken Broadwater Homes has over 35 years of experience building homes in central Virginia. This gives us the upper hand when it comes to custom home building.

Previous Work

Your custom home builder should be able to provide examples of past work. This will most likely be provided in photos. If you are lucky enough, they can probably arrange for you to visually visit one of the several homes that they have built. This might even give you the chance to talk to one of the homeowners.


Most custom home builders will have many predetermined sets of plans to choose from. This does not necessarily mean that you are stuck with the original design. They should be flexible with the design. Making additions and even modifications to the various spaces should be in your list of options.

Licensing, Bonding and Insurance

A certified contractor will have all of the licenses and insurance needed so that you are not liable for an error that might occur on the job site. Your home builder should be able to provide their license number (ours is 2705 100355A) along with the insurance information needed. This can also include the classifications needed for the type of work you are looking for.

Understand Your Contract

Like any other major investment, there will be a contract involved. There are two main types: fixed-price and cost-plus. Fixed-price means that what you signed up for is what you get unless there are change orders. Cost-plus is where you are charged for the materials and labor plus a fee. This price can vary along the way depending on the situation.

Who is Doing the Work

Of course, your builder is not the only one on-site during the project. They will have other contractors on the project. You need to ask if they are also licensed for the type of construction. All of the contractors we employ are fully licensed and insured.

Don’t Just Rely on the Price

For sure we don’t want to waste money on our new home, but you shouldn’t cut corners either. Contractors with little experience might not know exactly what is involved in the construction of a home. A lower cost could also mean cheaper materials, which might mean inferior construction.

With over 35 years of experience in Richmond home building, you can be rest assured that you will have the home of your dreams. We work with you from beginning to end. From plan selection to color design until the last ornament is in place. We take pride in providing homes that are more than just a place to stay, it is a place you want to come home to every day.

Broadwater Homes, LLC, is fully class A licensed and insured in Virginia. All of the contractors we employ are fully licensed and insured. We build all of our homes as if they were for us. We believe in a total home concept. When it comes to Richmond home building, we have the knowledge and experience like no other. Call or contact and let us start helping you build your dream home.