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Having your own lot to build your own custom home can be very exciting. There are also a lot of decisions to be made in the correct order so everything runs smoothly.
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Starting Your Dream

Having your own land is the first major step when looking to custom building your home. There are a couple more things to start to do. Choosing an architect, floor plans and a builder is part of your first steps.

Land Study

A civil engineer will work with your contractor and architect to make sure that you comply with local regulations where your land is located. They will help to make sure that there are connections to all of the resources that you will be needing. This can include things like water, electricity and other plumbing.

Custom Floor Plans

It is easy to purchase floor plans already laid out. There might be other things that you are looking at for your own personal lifestyle. Do you need an extra bedroom added on the first floor? Do you need certain specifications for your home office or workshop? All of these are best done before construction is started.

House Plan Styles

how can i design my own house
how can i design my own house
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Determining Costs

This one is difficult to calculate off the cuff. Once you have the plans and are in good communication with your homebuilder, they will be able to give you a good idea. Remember that the condition of your land and how many changes you are looking for in your floor plans will make the price change.

Ken Broadwater Homes has been building quality homes for over 35 years. Our flexible floor plans are tailored to meet your needs and we ensure you 100% satisfaction. We work with you from dream to final finished home. If even finding the property, we can help you out with that also. Being a Class A building contractor since 1985 throughout all of Central Virginia.

All of our homes are ready to move in. This includes site clearing, driveways, sewage, well and everything else you need to move in. Call or contact us and we will show you the way to the home of your dreams. Our motto is “First We Listen, Then We Build”.