Benefits of building a custom home

Having your own home custom built is a big decision. We make it easy.
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5 Benefits of Custom Home Building

Having your home custom built has many benefits further than you might think. Some are obvious and other you might not have thought of. Going over some of these might get you thinking about having your own home custom built.
  • Brand New

  • This one kind of makes sense. Everything is new. No old appliances to worry about breaking down. No hidden problems that the previous owners have not disclosed. No old pipes and wiring.
  • Up to Code

  • Being an all-new construction, everything is up to the current code. This means you will not have to do inspections which can help save you money on homeowner’s insurance.
  • Energy Efficient

  • New construction means all new materials. Most products are now made implementing sustainable, energy-efficient materials. This can save you money on energy costs while helping to conserve the environment.
  • The Long Run

  • Because of the new home construction, there won’t be any surprises down the near future road. This keeps down the overall expenditures of owning a home. The maintenance costs are highly reduced.
  • Fully Customizable

  • Even though you think you are building from a set of pre-made plans, it is still customizable. Extra outlets and lighting fixtures can always be added. Sometimes rooms can even be expanded within reason. This gives you the chance to convert a room into an office or hobby area without much modification like in an existing home.

Ken Broadwater Homes has been building has been building quality homes for over 35 years. Our flexible floor plans are tailored to meet your needs and we ensure you 100% satisfaction. We work with you from dream to final finished home. If even finding the property, we can help you out with that also. Being a Class A building contractor since 1985 throughout all of Central Virginia.

All of our homes are ready to move in. This includes site clearing, driveways, sewage, well and everything else you need to move in. Call or contact us and we will show you the way to the home of your dreams. Our motto is “First We Listen, Then We Build”.