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To Build or Not to Build

There is a question that most potential homebuyers will ask themselves at some point in the process. “Should I buy that charming old home on the corner or build one of my own?" There are circumstances when buying that old resale home might work for you. However, if you look past the charm and the mystique of that used home, you will more than likely find that a better option for you and your wall...
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Septic Systems Explained

Septic systems are individual wastewater treatment systems that use the soil to treat small waste water flows from individual homes. They are typically used in a rural or large lot setting where centralized wastewater treatment is impractical. There are many types of septic systems in use today. While all septic systems are individually designed for each site, most septic systems are based on the...
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What to know when buying land

Buying land and building a home is an exciting proposition. The idea of hand –picking the setting for your dream home is a special one indeed. If your plans include buying and building, here are some recommendations to keep in mind as you search for that perfect piece of land. First, look to see if the property has had a perk test done. Before building, the county is required to evaluate the soil...
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